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Company profile of EasyGo

Company name Japan Holiday Travel Co., Ltd.
Representative CEO:Representative Director Yukang Wu
Date of establishment 6th November 2001
Capital amount 30 million Japanese Yen.
Company address (head office) 2-2-2 Tokui-cho, Chuou-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu, 540-0025, Japan.
Business field Travel Agency based on Travel Agency Act.Planning and management of Japan-China Economic and Cultural Exchange events.Assisting Overseas firm to Observe and negotiate with Japanese firm.Chinese translation and interpretation services.
Registered travel agency Registered travel agency License No.2-2181 by Osaka prefectural governor.

WiFi / other services

Provide Rental Mobile WiFi and other services.

Ticket service

We will arrange tickets for various means of transportation, amusement parks, etc.

Transfer service

We will provide transfer service between airport and your designating area.

Charter service

We will charter private taxi.

One day tour

We will provide attractive tours for a day.